Personal Brand Photography



Imagery that captures your brand’s unique voice


Your small business is your baby.


It’s the product of a dream, countless long hours of work, and your own personal passion. It’s a reflection of you and all your greatest aspirations. Marketing your business to the entire world has never been easier with social media and e-commerce being such an ingrained part of our culture. 

Your website and online platforms deserve images crafted to suit your personal voice and style. 

Personal Brand photoshoots focus on just that.

Professional quality, cohesive content that tells your audience exactly what you're about.

A photoshoot crafted specifically for your business's needs.

Striking images that engage.

Included in my packages is an hour strategy and brainstorming session where we focus on finding clarity in what is your brand means, and customize a photo session that ticks all the boxes.

You have a story to tell, and I want to help you tell it. 

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The Kickstarter Package is a great option if you're looking to enhance your social media presence and engagement. It gives you options for daily posting for 3 months on a Monday to Friday schedule. These posts will be cohesive, professional quality, personal to you and your audience. 

• 1 hr strategy session. This includes brainstorming and planning for the shoot, as well as answering some questions about your business to get a clearer sense of your branding 

• 4 hour shoot on location 

• 60 retouched images available for direct download via an online gallery. Both high resolution and web quality files available

• Commercial rights to photographs

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This package is great for those who want a little more. 

Everything to love about the Kickstarter, with a bit more time together and an extra location if so desired, as well as two extra months worth of content. 

• 1 hr strategy session

• 6 hour shoot with up to 2 locations

• 1 minute promotional compilation video

• 100 retouched images retouched images available via online gallery as well as delivered on custom USB drive

• Commercial rights to photos




You have a vision of your needs, and are ready to go all in. Here's for those wanting to dig deep. We spend a bit more time together and develop a more robust portfolio of images for your arsenal. This package includes over seven months worth of daily Monday-Friday content.

• 1.5 hr strategy session

• 8 hour shoot with up to 3 locations

• 1 minute promotional compilation video

• 150 retouched images available via online gallery as well as delivered on custom USB drive

• Commercial rights to photographs


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